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Generate 10-25% returns in your first 30 days, or get your money back


Our Pricing

Paragon Signals

  • Daily Trade Signals From Top Traders

Paragon Pro Bronze

$27/ Month
  • $25 Max Trade Size (Altcoins)
  • $50 Max Trade Size (Bitmex)
  • Monthly Profit Target – $100
  • Auto SL
  • Auto Account Maintenance
  • Auto Close Complete Trades

Paragon Pro Silver

$50/ Month
  • $50 Max Trade Size (Altcoins)
  • $100 Max Trade Size (Bitmex)
  • Monthly Profit Target – $200 to $300
  • Custom Targets
  • Limit / Market Entry
  • Max Trades Per Coin
  • Auto Close Timer
  • Enable Extra Entry %

Paragon Pro Gold

$97/ Month
  • $125 Max Trade Size (Altcoins)
  • $250 Max Trade Size (Bitmex)
  • Monthly Profit Target – $500 to $750
  • Dedicated Account Manager / Private Support
  • Advanced Auto Stop Loss
  • Allowed Trade Type (Short / Long)
  • Trade Management
  • Min Coin Volume
  • USDT Trades
  • Bittrex Available
  • Coin Blacklist
  • Automation Timer

Key Features Explained

This is a feature that will automatically adjust your Stop Loss every time a Target has been achieved.

E.g. When Target 1 has been achieved, we will automatically update your Stop Loss to the Entry price. This ensures your trade stays in profit and should the price drop quickly, you’ll exit the trade at Break Even

This feature will automatically close and remove any complete trades from your account.

This means once a trade has achieved all Targets or the Stop Loss has been reached, we will automatically clear any remaining orders so you are ready for the next trade!

This feature will allow you to edit the % of your position you’d like to close after each Target has been reached.

E.g. A trade idea is received with 4 Targets. Our default settings are to close 25% of the position at each Target.

With the Custom Targets feature you can adjust this to suit your own risk levels.

Some users may choose a 10% – 20% – 30% – 40% approach.

Some users choose to close 100% after the first Target has been reached.

Whatever your preference, our Custom Targets allow you to edit this for each trader.

This feature will allow you to choose between a Limit or a Market Order for your Entry.

For Altcoin Only – This feature will allow you to place a limit on the number of trades active per coin.

If 10 traders all decide to place a trade on Ethereum, this means a large portion of your capital would be allocated to a single coin.

It is recommended not to allow more than 2 trades active per coin and this feature will allow you to set your own limits.

This feature will allow you to add a small percentage to the Entry price.

This is incase a trader has submitted the trade slightly too late and we have missed the opportunity to enter.

E.g. The current market price for ETHUSD is $100.50.

The trader sends a LONG with an Entry of $100.

This trade would normally be missed because the market price has already passed your Entry.

This feature will allow you to set between 0.1% and 1.0% extra so in this case, you could enter the trade as long as the current market price is $101 or less.

This will significantly decrease the chances of missing a losing trade!


Our monthly target is to AT LEAST profit 3x our subscription cost…

If you are not able to at least make your subscription cost back,
we will offer you a full MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE

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