Paragon Technology


“S.T.A.I.” is our Smart Trading Automation Interface

This is a web based app that allows you to connect directly with highly experienced professional traders and using your own customised trading strategy, you can replicate their exact trades even while you sleep.

The goal is for you to create your perfect trading formula on autopilot

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It’s incredibly important for us to make sure you have access to a fully automated system.

The days of sitting at a computer desk for 12 hours per day are GONE

With Paragon Trading & STAI Technology™ you’re able to set up your own personalised trading strategy which will operate 365 days per year, even while you sleep.

This allows you to focus on the things you enjoy while our traders do the hard work for you.

Paragon Technology


Even more important than Automation, is Security.

Paragon Trading, our software, developers or our traders do not have access to your capital at any time.

Your capital is held securely on a trading exchange such as Binance or Bitmex and we only connect via “API”. This means we do not have the ability to withdraw or deposit on your behalf

The only permissions we have is to “Open” or “Close” trades which means we can trade on your behalf without the need to touch your capital



Our technology connects you directly with a group of ~12-13 highly experienced traders who share their trade ideas with you every time they set up a trade for themselves.

When they set up their own trades, this data is also submitted directly to “S.T.A.I”, we then read your Custom Settings and submit an Entry, Stop Loss and multiple Targets to your Binance or Bitmex account.

This is all done in less than 1.25 seconds and it’s COMPLETE Automated for you…

You have the ability to choose which traders you’d like to enable and what your risk tolerance is for each trader. If you’d like, you can enable ALL of the traders…. Why not? That’s more trades for you!

Paragon Technology

Risk Mitigation

One of the first features we ever implemented with our STAI Technology was our “Smart Stop Loss”

With every trade, the traders will provide a Stop Loss which ensures you avoid a scenario where your entire balance is wiped out in a single trade.

With our “Smart Stop Loss”, after your First Target has been achieved, STAI will automatically edit your Stop Loss to match the price you entered the trade at.

This means your TP1 profit has been secured and even if the current trade goes in the completely wrong direction, you will remain in profit.

Once TP2 has been reached, the Stop Loss will automatically be updated to match the TP1 level which further ensures more profits are “locked in”.