your 2020 paragon & STAI Program


This is a long read so don’t read ahead unless you’re serious about a financial commitment to yourself for a minimum of 12 months (and you want to understand WHO I am and WHY I’ve chosen to share my solution with you)

As the owner of Paragon and the creator of STAI Technology, I spend a LOT of my time thinking about how I can best use my position to help serve other people.

Paragon was born out of frustration… I’m being completely open with you here…

I never had a lot of money… I’ve never considered myself “poor” but I have been dropped on my ass financially quite a few times.

Each of these experiences temporarily BROKE me but I knew there was SOMETHING that I could take away from it. I believe all experiences can teach us something

And so I’ve been experimenting for years, trying to find my place where I could create a decent income to feed the family and also play a part in helping others achieve the same thing.

I figured a typical MLM business was going to help me achieve this and I do love the logic behind MLM companies but I don’t like the stigma and the desperation that comes from 95% of the people involved. There’s a lot of shady shit happening out there and it’s overwhelming being surrounded by it all every day when your only intention is to serve others but everyone else is just trying to get paid…

I was introduced to Cryptocurrencies back in 2017 with an MLM company and yes, it ended in disaster due to Crypto being such a new tool, the regulation just wasn’t there to stop the owners of the companies simply running away and hiding from the rest of the world.

I’ve seen HUNDREDS of $millions stolen from people who put EVERYTHING they’ve got into these “opportunities” and to this day, I have not seen ONE of these Crypto MLM’s pass the test of time.

There are still THOUSANDS of them flooding my newsfeed every day and there are a couple that standout that are still pretty young but I cannot and I will not put my hard earned money in the hands of someone who can simply just walk away and suffer minimal consequences.

I have literally seen HUNDREDS of these companies collapse since 2017 and there are only 2-3 companies I can still think of that are alive (for now)

Those are NOT good odds!

And yes, you might have some capital “invested” with one of these companies right now and you MUST believe with everything you’ve got that this company is “THE ONE” because it goes against human nature to accept you’ve made a bad decision. (Been there, a few times!)

Believe me, they’re all “THE ONE” until eventually it all goes to shit… This is based on witnessing this HUNDREDS of times

And we all want easy money, let’s be honest!

I get it… At the very least, play it VERY safe with the capital you do invest in these companies as we all know they can leave at any time and there’s almost NOTHING you can do about it.

I also refuse to share these same scams with other people. It hurts when I lose money but it hurts even more when I’ve “recommended” something to my friends, family and community and they also get burned.

I won’t do it anymore!

That being said, there were lessons to learn from these experiences and I do KNOW there is more income potential with Cryptocurrencies than I have ever experienced anywhere else.

There are ways to create an income WITHOUT risking your capital and still have all the benefits.

I quickly realised that claiming ownership of your financial returns was the only way to be 100% sure you will not, EVER be subject to a scam

That’s when I decided I wanted to learn to trade but after speaking with a few trusted contacts, I realised it was going to take anywhere between 5 and 15 years to gain the experience to trade comfortably and reliably.

That wasn’t possible option for me… I needed to find a shortcut, a BIG one!


That’s when I started to research “Signal Providers”. These are experienced traders that already have the ability to consistently make a profit through trading but this also came with it’s own risks.

In my experience of testing over 150 of these “Signal Providers”, I’ve discovered over 90% of them are garbage.

They consistently do the following…

1. They steal “Signals” from other traders
2. They create FAKE RESULTS
3. They only show their winning results and not their losers
4. They manipulate their documentation to show unrealistic expectations
5. They simply take your “fee” and then you never hear from them again

They either do 1 of the above or a combination of them ALL… It’s terrible out here!

But it is easy to siphon out the real ones… The ones that are genuine.

Here’s my top 3 tips

Tip #1 – If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!

Do not think that $40 trader is going to help you double your capital every month. He is NOT

Tip #2 – If you cannot see PROOF of their profits via timestamped trades then it’s likely to be a big risk. Most traders will provide you with an Excel document of their trade history which is great, but this is easily manipulated to provide you with the stats you want to see.

Nobody wants to show you when they lose… That doesn’t bring in new clients!

Make sure you can check the history of every one of their trades

Tip #3 – Keep control of your money! If you have to give your trading capital to someone else, you’re just opening yourself up to being scammed! Make damn sure your money stays in YOUR control at all times and NOBODY has the ability to withdraw except YOU.

I have spent 18 months focusing on helping the masses with a “Part Solution” with a low entry price but I’ve come to realise this is exactly what every other company in this industry is doing also

We’re all trying to help thousands or even millions of people with “Part Solutions” and we’re not offering the FULL Solution

So I’ve decided to commit the remainder of 2019 and the whole of 2020 to helping just a small group of clients create PROFOUND shift in their passive income and investment options

I have the complete solution and I’m ready to offer you the opportunity to share this with me.


I need to start by asking these questions… And you need to think about the answers to them (I don’t need your answers right now)


1. Is it the right time for you to TRANSFORM YOUR PASSIVE INCOME?

2. How many “part-solutions” have you tried? Remember, part solutions can only ever offer you a ‘taster’

3. Are you prepared to keep trying “part-solutions”?

4. How long have you been struggling to find that COMPLETE SOLUTION?

5. Has it been 6 months? A year? 5 years? Most of your life?

6. How much longer are you willing to continue WITHOUT a complete solution?


7. Are you at a stage where you’re just researching or are you at a stage where you’d be ready to move forward if you were offered the right solution?


8. And if you find the perfect solution, how will this improve your life?


Here’s my promise for you for the ENTIRE of 2020



Here’s what I need from you to make this work…

Firstly, I need you to commit 12 months WITH me on this journey

Secondly, I need you to understand that I am choosing to only offer this complete solution to a small group of people and that I’m going to be putting a LARGE focus on helping you create this financial transformation and in return, I need you to touch base with me at least once per month. You can do this daily or weekly, as long as it’s at least once per month.

This is what you need from me to achieve the COMPLETE SOLUTION I’ve promised you…

You need COMPLETE AUTOMATION. It’s no good creating a financial transformation that requires you continually have to invest your time each and every day.

That’s not a “complete solution”, that’s a “part solution” or just another “job”.

You need an EXACT STRATEGY. This is something I can provide and I will continue to optimise this WITH YOU throughout your 12 month journey, assuming you agree to touch base with me at least once per month.

You need REGULAR PERFORMANCE UPDATES. Every week… A deep dive into the strategy we’ve been using, the results we’ve achieved and how we can improve on them over the coming weeks

You need to know YOU WILL MAKE A PROFIT. This I cannot legally “guarantee” but I WILL make a personal promise to create a profit every quarter OR I will continue to work with you for FREE until that profit has been made.

You need to know YOUR CAPITAL IS SECURE. Now this I can “guarantee” I will not have access to your capital. Only you will have the ability to withdraw and deposit your funds and you can do so at ANY time without prior notice being required.

You need UNLIMITED SUPPORT. This means I will be available EVERY day to work with you should you need it.


You need to know YOU’RE THE V.I.P. – We’re going to start our 2020 journey with a face-to-face meeting. If I’m going to be working with you daily / weekly to create this profound shift, I want to meet the REAL YOU and I want you to meet the REAL ME. (Ofcourse this isn’t mandatory, you’re not forced to meet me if you’d rather keep to yourself) But if you’re one of the few people I choose to work with for the next 12 months, I’d personally prefer to get to know you in person.

The moment we start, you’re a V.I.P and the moment you don’t feel like a V.I.P I’ll give your money back!

And remember, if we don’t make a profit, you don’t pay! I work with you for free until that profit is cleared!

You might still be sceptical at this point, I get it! I also encourage it…

This is why I’ve committed to the things above!

I will meet you PERSONALLY…

You will have my personal number for Unlimited SUPPORT

Your funds are kept in your own account, unable to be accessed by me or my team

I will work with you FOR FREE until you finish in PROFIT

And I will provide you with MY exact STAI Strategy

All of this ensures it’s ME taking the risk, NOT YOU!

That being said, because this is a brand new approach for not only me and Paragon but for the entire industry… (I don’t believe there is ANYONE out there offering this level of security, personal support and risk reduction)

And so I am going to apply a discounted rate for the new clients that join me in December

3 months into this program, I won’t need to, nor will I be able to apply discounts to the 12 month plans.

Think about it, if we can return 14% Account Growth each month, it would not be unreasonable to charge half of that (7%) as a fee each month. Let’s just say we’ll go 50/50 on the profits

But because this is a new program, I’m only going to charge between 3% and 4% per month depending on the amount of capital you’re going to be leveraging.

This deal will last all the way until the end of NEXT YEAR but only for the 3 new clients that will be joining me. Please remember, you’ll need to APPLY for one of these spots, I cannot just open the doors and take your payment right away, you’ll have to hold on for a little while longer

I also won’t be in a position to fly and meet each and every new client that joins us, nor will I be able to offer the 1 on 1 support. The only reason I’m able to do this NOW is due to only allowing 3 new clients each month.

By the time we hit Q2 next year, there will be somebody else offering support to the NEW clients and I will continue to personally look after those that join me throughout the first half of the year

So yes, you’re more than welcome to wait until Q2 next year, but you won’t have the same deal available and even though we still expect significant profits, after your fees, the net profit won’t be as significant as it will for my January clients.

From a logical standpoint, what would happen if you had this level of support and focus for the next 12 months?

How will this help you create a profound shift in your income?

As for your payment options, there are only two. I prefer to keep it simple
The first option is to pay in full for the 12 months which works out at only 3% of your capital per month (Remember, we’re averaging 11-14% per month anyway)


The second option is to pay every 6 months but this will work out at 4% of your capital each month.


- John
If you haven't already applied for one of our positions in the coming month, you can submit your application via the link below. It should take no longer than 5 minutes to fill in your application